Swedish Full Body 60 minute Massage......45 euros

A light to medium pressure massage to release tension, improve circulation and relieve those aching muscles


Swedish 30 minute Back Massage............30euros

 A relaxing light to medium pressure massage focused specifically on the neck, back and shoulders to relieve those muscle aches and tight shoulders.

Aromatherapy Full Body 60 minute Massage..........50euros

Essential oils used in a combination to specifically suit your body and its needs. The massage will help release toxins from the body and leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Hot Stone 90 minute  Full Body Massage................60euros

Hot Stones are heated and bathed in oil then combined within the massage to release the deep tension in the muscles and release trapped energy. This is a relaxing yet deeper massage.


Indian Head 45 minute Massage.............35euros

A calming holistic massage using pressure points to release tension in the back, neck, shoulders and head to rebalance the bodies energy


Tel: 97894358


Mon-Fri: 9.00am-4:00pm*

Saturday- By appointment only

*evening appointments available on request

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